It was born in 1999 as a company dedicated to the importation and distribution of products from all mass food categories.

Right now we reach 99% of sales points and marketing channels such as: supermarkets, discount stores, independent supermarkets, food services and online platforms. We import innovative products from various supply channels in the United States, Europe and South America.

The modern facilities of ROSMI guarantee the time delivery to our suppliers. With our own brands we create a company in constant innovation and improvement. We care about our information systems, market intelligence tools, storage techniques and distribution processes.

With the aim to evolve, ROSMI renews its image to improve the experience of all the people, our clients and suppliers.


We are a company dedicated to the development and positioning of imported brands and products with a healthy orientation in the Colombian market.


ROSMI was born as an importer and seller of supplies for the dairy industry in Colombia.
We launched Renuzit, an air freshener.
We launched Pascual Quality product portfolio
We launched Coconut Silk Drinks.
We launch “Natural One” fruit juices

Silk Barista launch

We launch coconut flavor of So Delicius drinks.
Ekii is a drink type TÉ
Starts the business of mass consumption products with the soy milk Silk.
We launched Silk Almond plant-based Drinks

The creation of our logistics and operational plant in Cota

We incursed in the Food Service Business with the Macrofood product portfolio.
We launched So Delicious Almond Drinks (Vanilla and Unsweetened)
We launched coconut wáter “Acapulcoco”

Product portfolio launch of the refrigerated line of Silk Vegetable Drinks.

We launched So Delicious Original Almond Vegetable Drink.
Silk Oatmeal launch
We keep working for you